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Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center
Townsend, Tennessee, United States (on-site)
21 days ago
Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center
Townsend, Tennessee, United States
21 days ago
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Job Duration
$70,000.00 - $70,000.00
Min Experience
5-7 Years
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Roles and Responsibilities:

The Executive Director (ED) reports to the Board of Directors.

Works with the Executive Committee of the Board to provide orientation for new Board members.
Maintains open lines of communication with the Board through various methods, most commonly email, text, or reports.
Gives regular updates to the Board at scheduled meetings.  Reports include, but are not limited to:
o Financial reports, budget analysis, and clarifications of line items.  Monthly report required.
o Report of monthly accomplishments of the Center, including building and grounds maintenance, events held, and development projects (Monthly)
o Collections, preservation activities, exhibits (Monthly as appropriate)
o Status of large projects (Monthly)
o Staffing, to include separations and new staff (Monthly as appropriate)
o Marketing initiatives (Monthly as appropriate)
o Old Business
o New Business
The ED is responsible for day-to-day oversight of all operational and curatorial activities, including:
o Fiscal – monthly and annual budgets, forecasting, revenue enhancement, expense control, timeliness of financial transactions, cost-benefit analysis of events, concerts, bus operations and other programming
o Staffing and human resource activities (recruitment, hiring, terminations, and evaluations)
o Contracts (including construction, services, maintenance, events)
o Event planning and execution
o Marketing
o Public engagement
o Team Building
o Collections (appropriateness of items in the collections, preservation, and utilization of items in exhibits)
o Maintenance and preservation of buildings and their contents
The ED is active in short range and long-range planning initiatives as appropriate.  In collaboration with the Board, will execute action steps to meet the goals and objectives established by the Board.  Reports regularly on the status of the projects associated with those goals.
The ED is responsible for developing and maintaining public visibility by articulating our mission and our contributions to the local and regional governments, businesses, and residents.  Seeks out strategic partnerships with other museums, educational institutions, businesses,and tourism associations.
Grants, Sponsorships, and Donor Appeals are vital to the Center’s longevity.  The ED is responsible for oversight of the fundraising plan.  This includes working with a contracted fundraising consultant or designated employee.  The ED assigns grant writing functions to appropriate staff and reviews the final submission.  Seeks out grants from state/federal governments for larger projects as appropriate. The ED assists in developing direct appeals to the public at large, and targeted appeals for certain high-profile projects (construction, gallery renovations, infrastructure projects).  Maintains contacts with large donors and includes them in planning initiatives as appropriate.  


Key Competencies, Traits and Characteristics:

The following competencies, traits and characteristics are critical to success in this position and applicants must possess them to be considered for the position.  Applicants will be rated on these elements.  Documentation of examples of these competencies is strongly encouraged:

Collaborative Leadership with staff and diverse stakeholdersdemonstrated by transparent communications, working with diverse teams, and public outreach
Self-Management and Personal Responsibility demonstrated by commitment to high ethical standards, emotional and intellectual maturity
Able to prioritize multiple demands to meet organizational needs
Perform fiscal oversight and budgeting acumen demonstrated by a history of developing and executing complex budgets for multiple cost centers, identify problems and opportunities to improve and make appropriate adjustments as appropriate
Ability to plan, prioritize, and achieve realistic results in a leadership role demonstrated by participation in short and long-range planning activities
Ability to negotiate contracts and intergovernmental agreements for the benefit of the Center
Demonstrate diplomacy, flexibility and resiliency in personal and business relationships


Must have at least 5-7 years of experience in business management, with senior management experience and museum/non-profit management preferred.  Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree or higher in a relevant field may substitute for some portion of experience.

Must have outstanding communication skills, including experience in group communications, business communications, legislative/government presentations, and the media.

Experience in grant writing or oversight of others who prepare grants for submission.

Proficiency in the use of technology to enhance business, curatorial, and non-profit applications.

Experience in responding to and supporting a Board of Directors or other oversight authority relative to organizational operations.

Must be able to pass a background check, including law enforcement and credit checks.  Refusal to participate in the background check will result in the applicant being rejected.  Drug screening may also be performed.

Job ID: 72876803

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